To all those folks out there that are saying they don’t want to go to church because the Christians don’t want them there, let me be the one to say:

I want you there. I’ll sit right next to you if you want.

Won’t whisper gossip about you. Won’t judge you. Won’t lie to you. 

I know I’m not the only one. Don’t write off Jesus just because His followers don’t always know how to represent Him. 

Can someone find one reason not to ship Olicity? Because I can’t.



haha 8?? Thats all you have? 8?! 

Waiiit… so what about Sara… Diggle.. Roy… heck even TOMMY. They have done much worse to protect Oliver just as Felicity has done (to save Starling). You can’t use those excuses because it can go either way with any of the team members. Felicity didn’t join the team for Oliver, she joined it mainly for walter and because she wants to help. Nothing to do with him.

Also what about Laurel when she (sadly) eventually becomes the BC are you TRYING to tell me that she won’t enter the grey area concerning the law??? Please. Lets not act two face now. Your green is showing. :)

I could list probably way more for Laurel off the top of my head, but I honestly don’t need to, go to the tags for that. There are way too many to count. And like one lauriver said which i agree with , shipping is a matter of perspective, and it just so happens the majority of Arrow fanbase ships Olicity. If you want to ship Lauriver, go ahead no one is stopping you, that is the beauty of the show, joining different people with different opinions.

(by the way you DO realize there is a difference between a cyberterroist and an actual terrorist right? Two diff things.)

You asked for one reason. I gave you eight. Sorry you’re obviously choking on those reasons. The “but so and so does is too” argument is not an excuse for anyone. The simple fact is, no matter who does it, it’s problematic. Therefore, Olicity is not problem-free.

But let’s just remove the five criminal “grey areas”. I notice you didn’t have any defense at all against the personal reasons I didn’t ship them. You know, the boss-subordinate power dynamic. The huge difference in their maturity levels. The different life experiences. I’ll also add in the fact that Oliver flat out used her feelings for him against her by not letting her in on his plan before he spouted that “I love you” at her. Oh, and how he placed her straight into Slade’s murderous path so he’d have a chance at saving not only Laurel’s life but Slade’s as well. 

So there are plenty of reasons for someone not to ship Olicity and you were the one that ask. I’m sorry I actually thought you were interested in having the questioned answered. Given your responses to others, it’s obvious you were actually just looking for an Olicity circle jerk. 

(BTW Remember all those times Felicity hacked into American and Russian government databased? That’s cyberterrorism. Remember how she and the others blew up that QC building? Terrorism. So yes, I know the difference between the two That’s why I listed them both.)


I was about to tell you that I wasn’t the O.P but I saw that arrowfan1 already told you. 

Anyway, I didn’t have a defense because those are your reasons for not shipping them. As long as you didn’t say it was a fact I don’t see a problem with you having your own reason. Because everyone has their different opinions. 


Fandom rant. My O/licity followers are strongly advised not to read this.


lazzy37 said: Last out of curiosity, I don’t see the reason to put a / in between someones name. I might understand about Olicity but no need for the “f/elicity” Felicity is a respectable character just like Laurel is. Or Emily,it’s seems disrespectful

I use O/licity because I was scolded for posting in the #olicity tag, although I never tag my posts #olicity. There are apparently tumblr bloggers who don’t know that you have to use the #hashtag when you search, and that if you don’t, ANY post with the shipname in it will turn up in the search. So, as to not offend the o/liciters who use the wrong search method, I always code the ship name. I think the O.P. wrote F/elicity for the same reason. It seems overly cautious, but I know that she has caught some flak, even when she has followed the tumblr tagging rules to the letter, so that may be the reason. I did the same thing in my reply, although I usually don’t code Felicity’s name.  Anyway,it’s definitely not a sign of disrespect!

I did that for the reason
explained. I usually don’t write That way but this time I chose to be overly cautious because I just got into a huge fight on Facebook and so I coded even the character name and the actress name to avoid my post to show up in any tag it’s not supposed to be. I didn’t mean to disrespect Emily or Felciity because I like the actress and I like the character. I didn’t code Laurel or Katie name’s because well my post was intended for her fans. If anyone thinks it’s disrespectful I’m very sorry

Ohhh. :O That makes a lot more sense. Thank you xeniasyssi and arrowfan1 for the explanation. I see now. Because when I noticed it was wondering what was with the /’s in the names only pertaining to Felicity/EBR and not Laurel or other chracter but I definitely see your point. Cooliz. 

Ray is basically the smartest person on our show. The guy’s a scientist. He’s an inventor. He’s basically brilliant, and he has plans that go beyond his designs on Queen Consolidated. He actually has an agenda that will impact all of Starling City.

Can’t wait!!! (via beijingdoll)